Fishing At Mackay Lake Lodge

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Fishing at Mackay Lake Lodge

Join us for a fishing trip of a lifetime in the barrenlands of Northern Canada. Experience some of the world’s finest fishing for giant lake trout, northern pike and arctic grayling. Observe wildlife in their natural surrounding. Experience the splendour of the midnight sun during the peak of summer, or witness the Aurora in all its glory as fall approaches


Your choice of a 3, night, 4, night or weeklong all-inclusive adventure including charter flights from Yellowknife.


Available July – September

Flights are on Fridays and Mondays.

2 Nights – $2495 (per person)

3 nights – $2,995 (per person)

4 nights – $3,495 (per person)

7 nights – $4,495 (per person)


Price Includes:

  • Flights to/from Yellowknife and Mackay Lake Lodge
  • Accommodations
  • Meals (breakfast, shore lunch or bagged lunch, dinner and snacks)
  • Boat, motor and fuel (maximum of 4 guest per boat)
  • 1 guide per boat


Price Does Not Include:

  • NWT fishing licence
  • Taxes (GST) and gratuities

Minimum Number of Guests (4)

Maximum Number of Guests (24)



Fishing at Warburton Bay Lodge

For those looking for a more hands-on experience, Warburton Bay Lodge, located on the western shore of Mackay Lake, functions as a self-catered lodging facility.

Please contact for details on pricing and availability.


Fishing Schedule

The Fishing schedule, begins July 1st, as the ice goes off the big barren land lake and the midnight sun lights the skies.

Giant lake trout, northern pike, and arctic grayling abound along with flocks of migrating birds and the wildlife including caribou, wolves, tundra grizzly bear and muskox.